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What is Scaphocephaly? 


Scaphochaphaly is a less common head deformity where the infant’s head appears long and narrow.

What To Look For

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What causes Schaphocephaly?

Some babies like to sleep on their sides, which can create a scaphocephaly-like head shape. If a parent is regularly in the room with them when they sleep, the infant tends to face their direction more often, which can also cause the head to flatten on that side.



Premature babies have softer bones when they’re born. They are also often required to wear a respirator for weeks or months, which forces their head to stay in the position for long periods of time. This puts them at a greater chance of developing an asymmetrical head shape.


Treating infant Scaphocephaly with ROKband

ROKbands are a safe and effective option to treat infant scaphocephaly. It works by directing new head growth into the areas that are lacking volume. The ROKband has openings in the area where you want to promote growth.
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How long does my child have to wear their ROKband?

Infants typically wear the ROKband for 20-23 hours a day, with time decreasing over time as the head shape corrects.

How long until my baby's head is fixed?

The average treatment program lasts 4.5 months and can start as early as the child is about 4 months old.

Is the helmet custom-fit for my child?

Yes. Every child gets a safe, non-invasive 3D head scan and their helmet is custom-made for their needs. This advanced measuring technique allows us to fit most helmets within 5 business days.

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