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The ROKband Process: What to expect

Learn about the 6-step process and what to expect when you become
a ROKband family. 

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Initial Assessment

Book your 30-minute complimentary assessment to get started. No referrals or prescriptions are required to book a consultation. During your assessment, we will: - Examine your baby’s skull to determine asymmetric features and identify if any are related to craniosynostosis. - We’ll use a PEEL handheld scanner to capture fast, accurate scans of your baby’s head. Our Peel scanner is a non-contact laser data system used by leading physicians, hospitals and treatment centres globally. - Give you our recommendation and next steps. If your baby has severe head shape deformities, we’ll likely recommend a ROKband right away. Early intervention is key! If they have low to moderate deformities, we’ll likely recommend at-home interventions first to see if you can self-correct your child’s head growth.

Rescan (if needed)

If the recommendation from your initial assessment was to try at-home corrective measures before a ROKband treatment program, we offer a complimentary rescan 3-6 weeks later. This will help you see if your interventions have helped or if a ROKband is recommended for better results.

Family Decision

If a ROKband is recommended, it’s optimally worn between 4 – 18 months of age. Before moving forward, your family has a decision to make: Proceed with treatment. You can decide to begin the treatment plan and get your custom-fitted ROKband created for fitting within 2 weeks. Continued monitoring. We offer up to 2 free head scans. If you wish to continue monitoring, there will be a $80 per scan charge. Discharge: You decide you’re happy with the baby’s results or at home interventions and decide not to continue with treatment.

Fitting Appointment

Your fitting appointment will be scheduled as early as 5 days following your decision to proceed.


Regular follow-up appointments will help monitor your baby’s progress and provide the best outcomes. Your first appointment will be within 2-3 weeks, then every 3-4 weeks thereafter. Follow-up appointments are about 30 minutes, and you can use this time to discuss the results and ask questions. Follow your clinician's recommendations as closely as possible for the best results. Committing to regular follow-up appointments (virtual appointments may be available) will increase positive outcomes.


Once your child’s head shape development has achieved the best outcome, and the clinician determines there is a low chance for regression, your child will graduate from ROKband. The time this takes varies depending on your child’s age and the severity of the deformity but it is typically around 4.25 months.

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Ready to get started?

If you’re concerned about your baby’s head shape, book a complimentary, no-obligation ROKband assessment today:
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