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ROKband Pediatric Headshape Clinics seek to educate and support families with concerns about their baby's head shape. We provide two complimentary consultations, along with guidance on at-home repositioning techniques. Additionally, we are committed to supporting you throughout your treatment, including the use of a cranial remodeling orthosis, commonly referred to as a "helmet.

Please continue below for more information on the various types of head shape asymmetry and reach out if you have concerns.

Are you concerned about your baby’s head shape?

If you notice that your baby’s head shape looks asymmetrical or parts of their skull are flat, you may use a head-shaping helmet to help correct this asymmetry. Starting in infancy (as early as 4 months) can help correct their head shape so they can get back to being kids again!
Learn more tips and signs of
head asymmetry:

Here's What to Look For:

  • Flattened areas of the head  (usually back or sides)
  • Bulging of the forehead
  • A tendency to look more in one direction than the other

Helping over 5000 families every year!

ROKband is a comfortable helmet that corrects head asymmetry in infants as young as 4 months old. 
Our proprietary head-shaping technology is a helmet made from soft orthopedic padding custom-fitted to your child’s head to direct skull growth exactly where needed. The helmet helps direct growth towards designated openings to help correct flat or asymmetrical skulls in infants between age 4-18 months. 
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What our ROKband families are saying

"Our [ROKband] experience has been such a positive one! We love that this is a non-invasive option for us. The staff was absolutely so helpful and accommodating with great communication. The whole process to get our baby assessed and fitted was so fast and we love that it was self referral. Highly recommend this option!"
Lindsay (Lucy's mom)
Edmonton, AB

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Are you concerned about the shape of your infant’s head?
Book a complimentary consultation with your local ROKband clinic today:
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