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Remodelling Orthosis for Kids (ROK)

ROKband Product Highlights:


  • Orthotist Designed Cranial Orthotic for optimal fit.  Each ROKband is custom designed with HeadStart Medical’s world class proprietary software.  Every single ROKband is designed for your baby's specific needs. The design is not only about the “fit” today, but our Orthotist designed ROKband’s include design elements that consider the best treatment path - or growth plan.  Conventional helmets rely on manual moulding and design techniques which allows for a larger margin of error. With ROKband's state of the art technology, our designs are custom made and 3D printed to achieve optimal results and comfort for your baby.

    • Industry exclusive algorithms make for a custom design and optimal correction.  This is only available with ROKband. 

  • Less than 1/2 the weight of traditional foam and plastic helmets and 1/3 the thickness. ROKband is a lighter weight and low profile band, not hindering range of motion, allowing your baby to play free. This allows for normal development of gross motor milestones.

    • Light weight bands allow for treatment to begin as early as 4 months, meaning we are increasing the treatable window and capturing greater correction. Rapid correction also means that families can return  to their normal lives sooner.

  • Biodegradable materials, low energy fabrication techniques lead to 95% less manufacturing waste compared to traditional helmets.  ROKband is committed to minimal waste in all aspects of our operation. 

  • Engineered ventilation helps to keep babies comfortable and healthy. Tests demonstrate that our bands are 4° cooler inside than traditional foam and plastic helmets, resulting in reduced perspiration and a lower likelihood of skin problems and odour for infants during band wear.

  • ROKband is FDA-cleared and Health Canada approved, and has undergone rigorous safety and biocompatibility tests.

  • Orthopedic padding to provide all day all night comfort and reduced band movement.

  • Advanced scanning technology which provides Real-time feedback using PEEL 3D Scanners – The 3D image emerges on screen as you scan. Quicker lead times means we can fit within 5 business days. PEEL Scanners are completely safe for baby’s eyes.

  • Quality of life.  Things like skin to skin contact may not seem like a big deal, but having the ability to leave your ROKband on baby AND feed whilst maintaining that contact is huge. ROKband has worked hard to create a brand image that families can be proud of. This is no longer an invasive treatment. With a first class design, ROKband not only allows babies to continue developing motor skills while in treatment, it’s also more aesthetically pleasing to the eye- minimising any social anxiety that may be associated with treatment- we make it beautiful and fun! We compare it to being the Invisalign of Cranial Remodelling. We’ve taken something that’s been around for many decades and made it something that is far more appealing and palatable.

  • Custom neck contouring allows for optimal range of motion. Conventional helmets can impede neck range of motion, and impact Tummy Time. ROKbands are designed to allow babies to not take a step back - you should not have to choose one or the other. Many of our babies are battling Torticollis - ROKband compliments Physiotherapy efforts for Torticollis, where conventional helmets can impede in the treatment of Torticollis.

    • Encouraging safe play and motor milestone development. Things like tummy time.


ROKband is so much more than a 3D printed Helmet. 

ROKband Treatment Highlights:


  • Cranial Remodelling is all we do!  ROKband has invested 7 years of trying other models.  We eventually arrived at a Cranial Only environment -Offering our families a professional, warm and fun environment.  Each family that comes through our doors is on the same journey!

  • Shorter treatment times.  ROKband has less side effects than conventional CRO’s, as published in 2022. This leads to better compliance - combined with a more targeted Orthotist design, this leads to quicker outcomes. Average treatment program is roughly 4.5 months, meaning a quicker return to normal life for families, baby kisses and snuggles!  Early start time to treatment, results in earlier graduation. Our lightweight design allows us to begin treatment as early as 4 months. Current evidence based research shows considerably less skin breakdown and irritation in a ROKband, meaning greater comfort for baby and longer wear times, which leads to greater correction on average. Side Effects of Cranial Remolding Orthoses: A Multi-Site Review.  Graham, Tiffany MSPO, C/LPO; Wang, Jijia PhD.  The Journal of Craniofacial Surgery 33(5):p 1358-1362, July/August 2022.

  • ROKband treatment programs include 2 bands, rather than one that requires significant alterations to accommodate growth. Our gradual introductory schedule ensures comfort for the baby, but also an easier transition period for parents.

  • Shorter wait times! With our Private care model, we have the facilities and the staff to accommodate our families with faster turnaround times. This also means that we can see families sooner if they are wanting to come in with any treatment needs along the course of treatment. Private clinics and shorter wait times, means ROKband can begin treatment as early as 5 days from scan date.

  • ROKband has a rigorous 3 month certification process.  Whether the Clinician is a Kinesiologist or an Orthotist, the training program is the same. Each Clinician is required to pass written, and in person exams and are evaluated semi-monthly. Surveys are sent to families, and our referral sources to ensure our brand image is being adhered to, and optimal patient care. 

  • 3D scans are non invasive, done in minutes and are accurate within 1mm. 3-D lights scanners are radiation-free Creating a 3D design that is not only custom and comfortable, but designed by the Orthotist for optimal correction.

  • Industry leading support- We are here to help! Clinicians encourage questions and photos of any concerns from families, and always respond within 24 hours. (Monday-Friday)

  • Our Program fee encompasses all visits and up to 2 ROKbands right up until graduation. This includes adjustments, and regression checks until parents have the peace of mind and confidence to graduate from the program. 


  • 6 clinics across Canada, and growing! We strive to make accessibility to our clinics a priority for our families making it easy to consider travel plans while in the program. ROKband operates under a franchise model, with universal training methods, rest assured you will receive the same level of care at any of our clinics.   

  • Direct billing and immediate estimate approval is available to help ensure the process is as easy as possible for families

  • Education: we place a heavy emphasis on hosting education sessions with other pediatric medical professionals. We understand it takes a village and we believe in a collaborative approach in doing what is best for your baby.

  • Don’t just take our word for it! We are incredibly proud to post a 4.9/5 star review across our Canadian clinics (Google).  Our reviews tell a story of elite care and a passion for education and a dedication to the best treatment outcomes.  We serve all family’s with the highest level of care.  Whether we treat our family, or just stop in for some free advice,  they are served with love.


  • What’s in a brand? Sometimes you impact someone so much they have to share their story above and beyond!  We’re so honoured to have one of our families be so touched by the process that she wrote a book!  Alyssa Winegarden was both inspired by the journey AND struck by the lack of resources for families on this unique journey.  She took matters into her own hands and developed a tool for families on the Cranial Remodelling journey.  “Kenny Gets Her Crown” is a wonderful story about the journey- providing support and bringing awareness to an industry left under served for so long.  We’re proud to have sponsored her efforts! Purchase the book for your waiting room today!

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